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Monday thru Friday:

2a-4a–Sportscenter All Night

4a-6a — First and Last with Lundberg & Golic Jr

6a-10a–Mike and Mike in the Morning

10a-1p–Dan LeBatard show with Stugotz

1p-3p–Russillo and Kannell

3p-5p—Bob Frantz Extravaganza

5p-6p—Drive Time with Mike Miller

6p-7p–Right Time with Bomani Jones

7p-9p–Jalen and Jacoby

9p-11p—Jorge & Izzy

11p-2a—Freddie Coleman (until 1am on Friday’s)



1a-2a—Weekend Blitz

2a-7a—Sportscenter All Night

7a-8a—Financial Symphony with Deverna & Croak

8a-9a—Great Lakes Golf Today with Mike Jamison

9a-12p–Dari and Mel

12p-3p–ESPN Weekend

3p-5p–Dickerson and Hood

5p-7p–Rothenberg and Wallace

10p-1a–Robin Lundberg




1a-7a—Sportscenter All Night

6a-7a–The Sporting Life

7a-9a—Dari and Mel

9a-10a–Cheap Seats with Mik Gonzalez

10a-1p—Fantasy Focus

1p-4p–Coachman and Bretos

4p-7p–Operation Football

7p-10p–NFL Nation

10p-1a–Freddie Coleman